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Statement of Purpose

ESF works to further the understanding and practice of linguistic justice in a multicultural world.

We aim to develop and support excellence in scholarship, education, and interlingual communication.

Our priorities and values are shaped through engagement with the worldwide community of Esperanto speakers, as well as with researchers, educators and activists in many language-related fields.

Watch a short video on Esperanto from TFO (French Television of Ontario) featuring Geoffrey Greatrex, a member of ESF's Board Directors.



2016-06-04 Languages of Internationalism: call for papers
2016-05-31 New video about CUNY Esperanto Course
2016-05-21 Language Symposium Discusses Sustainable Development Goals



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James Bulls, Canada

I supported the ESF with my donation because I believe in the dream of Esperanto: that an international language can build bridges between people and ultimately foster a safer, more cooperative world. With the terrific advantage of the Internet, bringing Esperanto to new students has become faster and easier than ever before, and I'm happy to support with my donation. It's because of the ESF that L.L. Zamenhof's dream continues to inspire the hopeful, but it's because of that the hopeful are finding their way.


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